What to Expect When Your Pet Has Glaucoma Surgery

Glaucoma can be a battle for pet owners, because despite treatment, many pets with glaucoma eventually lose vision in one or both eyes. Medications may be effective for some pets or for a short time, but surgery is often required to alleviate pressure and offer the pet their best chance at preservation of their long-term [...]

Genetic Eye Conditions in Merle Collies

Collies, with their striking beauty and intelligent demeanor, are loyal, loving companions who capture many hearts. However, collies have a long list of potential eye conditions related to genes and breed that are exacerbated by the merle gene’s presence. Pets with one copy of the gene can have a beautiful, unique coat color, but those [...]

A Clouded View: Cataracts and Cataract Surgery in Pets

As pets age, their eye’s lens—the normally clear, light-focusing structure that sits behind the iris and pupil—begins to stiffen, in a similar process that humans experience around age 40 that involves near vision and depth perception changes. The process, called nuclear sclerosis, gives a pet’s lens a slightly cloudy or bluish appearance but does not [...]

Genetic Eye Diseases in Collies

Collies are highly intelligent, trainable, and loyal dogs, suitable for a wide range of lifestyles. Originally bred for herding, the collie now occupies homes as an ideal family dog, competes in dog sports, and steals hearts on the silver screen. Collies are generally regarded as healthy, but their eye health is a major concern. Most [...]

Genetic Eye Diseases in Dachshunds

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), dachshunds rank as the ninth most popular registered dog. With good reason—these fierce yet affectionate dogs are relatively low maintenance. However, dachshunds can develop several breed-related health problems, with intervertebral disc disease, heart disease, and eye disorders the most significant.  The Veterinary Vision Center team and other veterinary [...]

7 Common Equine Eye Conditions

Horses have large, beautiful eyes that, unfortunately, are prone to trauma and disease. Many common equine eye diseases are treatable with prompt intervention, but others can progress to blindness or necessitate surgical eye removal. Our Veterinary Vision Center team treats all equine eye diseases, although some occur more frequently. Here is our guide to the [...]

The Link Between Chronic Kidney Disease and Eye Health in Pets

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is one of the most common disorders affecting the aging pet population and also occasionally impacts pets in earlier life stages. CKD often develops over months to years, but signs usually do not become apparent until pets lose greater than 75% of their kidney function. CKD complications can occur at any [...]

How to Identify and Respond to a Pet Eye Emergency

Pets are curious, adventurous, and often rough-and-tumble, which can put them in harm’s way and result in eye injuries that can be an emergency situation. In addition, some serious eye conditions may seem to appear or worsen suddenly, and also necessitate emergency treatment.  The average pet owner struggles to determine which conditions qualify as emergencies [...]

8 Common Eye Conditions in Dogs

If you name any part of the canine eye, our Veterinary Vision Center team can probably name a disease or two associated with that part. Dogs are prone to a myriad of eye conditions—too many to all be listed here. Instead, our team wants to inform pet owners about the most common canine eye problems. [...]

6 Common Eye Conditions in Cats

Veterinary ophthalmologists treat eye disorders in many different species, from dogs, cats, and horses, to wildlife and zoo animals. Although all species have eye similarities, each has a slightly different eye structure and function that leads to unique, species-specific problems. Our Veterinary Vision Center team is skilled in treating many species, including our feline friends. [...]

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