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Dr. Pierce is such a great ophthalmologist and has helped my dog tremendously. He provides such great care and good tips for at home care! Would definitely recommend him!
Dr. Pierce is truly an amazing ophthalmologist. He is thorough and caring. Would most definitely recommend Dr. Pierce and Veterinary Vision Center.
When my dog got a corneal ulcer, VVC was there to help her! Dr. Pierce was very professional, helpful, and thorough in explaining everything I needed to know from what it was, all the eye drops she needed, and how to prevent it from happening in the future. I already have her next annual eye exam booked!
Both of my dachshunds saw Dr. Pierce in Plano, TX before he started Veterinary Vision Center. It was so great not to have to make a 6 hour round trip today. He did a great follow-up exam for my diabetic dachshund’s severe eye ulcer. We look forward to seeing him for our next follow-up in 2 weeks!

Treatment For Corneal Ulcers

The main form of treatment for corneal ulcers is medical therapy. Many corneal ulcers are medically treated and resolve within 2 – 3 weeks. If a corneal ulcer goes without treatment or if significant inflammation is present within the cornea as the body tries to clear the infection, then the corneal stroma can be digested or eaten away resulting in loss of corneal thickness and potentially the development of a hole within the cornea. If a corneal hole (rupture or perforation) develops then patients are suddenly in a significant amount of pain. In these circumstances surgical intervention may be required to preserve your pet’s eye, their comfort, as well as their site.

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